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  • Old Rose Ramekin

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    This pot could serve up your best chocolate mousse, your yummiest pate, or a good wallop of cream or butter. It is a very conveniently small size and would be just as happy to hold your paper clips as your chocolate chips. A nice little gift, especially if offered with a few sweets inside or perhaps a gold chain for those more important occasions.

    This classic Old Rose design is the perfect addition to any table setting.

  • Old Rose Large Angled Bowl

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    The wide range of uses of Nicholas Mosse Large Angled Bowls makes them the perfect addition to your kitchen pottery collection! Each piece is handmade, ensuring a high-quality and elegant finish that allows them to be used in any event. From serving a delicious pudding dessert at a family dinner or holding a fresh fruit centre piece; these bowls can do it all!

  • Old Rose Teapot

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    Nicholas Mosse Teapots make sure you’ll always want to make time for tea! After all, their Irish Potters handcraft each piece from start to finish to ensure the durable design is matched perfectly by the luxurious finish. This makes the kitchen pottery perfect for any occasion, from brightening up your morning break, to serving beverages at an exclusive afternoon tea. They also make great pottery gifts, simply send to a friend to make their day!

    The Old Rose Pattern features a striking floral design, making it easy to see why it’s a firm fan favourite.

  • Old Rose Oval Platter

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    Nicholas Mosse Oval Platters make entertaining your guests effortless. After all, each one is carefully hand-crafted in their Irish Country Pottery to ensure the pieces are both luxurious and long-lasting! This makes the pottery serving dishes perfect for any occasion, from serving the main course at an exclusive dinner, to presenting delicious desserts at afternoon tea.

    The Old Rose Pattern is one of their most popular patterns, and the striking floral design makes it clear why.