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Deluxe Lever-Arm Corkscrew Set

€28,50 EUR

Are there any more enticing sounds than the pop of a cork leaving a bottle, and the glug of your favourite wine as it pours into a glass? You can't beat a glass of red, white or rose with a meal or when you’re hosting a party or gathering, especially when it's the festive season. But no one enjoys grappling with stubborn, fiddly corkscrews when empty glasses are waiting to be filled.

Start popping corks in record times - three seconds to be exact - with this magnificent wine bottle opener with a velvety black body and gleaming brass finish. Made from a heavy duty metal alloy, it'll hold your wine bottle firmly in place as you pull out the cork with a gentle squeeze of the lever arms.

This wine bottle corker comes with a twist-action foil cutter, and has its own integral stand, meaning you can keep it to hand (and on display...) in your kitchen or dining area. it's a key element of the elegant BarCraft range from KitchenCraft, a selection of quality bar-standard accessories that let you build your own home bar collection.

it's beautifully gift boxed, too, and makes a great present. Don't just treat yourself...