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Joseph Joseph

Folio Set of 4 Coloured Chopping Board Set

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Ideal for anyone who likes to keep their chopping boards out on the countertop where they can be reached at a moment’s notice, Joseph Joseph’s Large Folio Chopping Board Set holds four colour-coded cutting boards in its slimline, silvery-grey case. With knife-friendly, textured cutting surfaces and non-slip feet on both sides, they’re more than a match for any prep task you can think of.

Colour-coded to reduce cross-contamination

In four different colours, Folio chopping boards help cooks avoid cross-contamination by making it easy to always use the same board for the same job. Simple but effective, the colour-coding system helps you select the board you need at a glance:

  • Red – for meat
  • Green – for fruit and vegetables
  • Blue – for fish
  • White – for cooked food

Double-sided with stainless steel handles

The perfect prep station for small-space kitchens, galley kitchens and busy cooks who like everything close at hand, all four boards are designed to be used on both sides, with a ridged edge each side to help keep messy crumbs and liquids off your worktop. Grippy feet at the corners mean they won’t slide about whichever way round you use them and, as they have seriously sturdy stainless steel handles, they’re really easy to lift from their case.

Knife-friendly surfaces

The boards are also specially designed to be kind to your knives, so while their surfaces will mark and show scratches over time, your knife blades will suffer less damage and maintain a sharper edge for longer. Made from durable, BPA-free polypropylene, they’re dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

Space-saving storage case

Shaped with an angled top, with tiered storage for the chopping boards inside, the slim storage pod makes it easy to select the colour of board you want for your chosen task. The boards are held apart from each other so that air can circulate between them, and the case has a non-slip base to ensure it stays put on your kitchen counter. Just wipe with a damp cloth to clean.