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Kitchen Craft

Pastry Bursh With Soft Grip

€5,50 EUR

What makes a great pastry brush? KitchenCraft Professional has consulted its baking experts and they say it’s all about smooth, gentle application and tough, frizz-free bristles. In response, they’ve come up with this little wonder brush. It’s a simple, sturdy tool that solves a simple problem, with nylon bristles that glide over pastries without damaging them, and without leaving strands of nylon on your food. As the icing on the cake (or the glaze on the pastry…), they’ve added a soft-grip handle that ensures a comfortable, controlled application. Genius! And if you don’t own a pastry brush, you’re missing out! This little tool has dozens of uses for bakers and chefs, from brushing egg wash on pies, to greasing pans, to sloshing marinades on meats and much more.

Part of the KitchenCraft Professional range - a collection of high-quality kitchen tools for exceptional everyday cooking.

Features & Benefits

Easy to clean
Dishwasher safe
25 year guarantee